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Welcome to my blog Soil to Soul! My name is Nicole Halverson....

Blog Series: Make Holistic Medicine With Food and Wild Herbs

Learn how to gather and store-up your medicine cabinet with "go-to" homemade tinctures, foods, and remedies from wild plants found in suburban environments of the Rocky Mountains. Intended for beginner and intermediate readers who have done some research on herbalist practices for procuring herbs/spices; harvesting practices; and developing tinctures/tea infusions/decoctions.

Series: Part 3 – Local Grocer “Foraging”

Cooking with Medicine Let’s start with what you know. Make use of your own local grocers! When it comes to “building” immunity many don’t attribute that the whole food you consume IS medicine! Which is where “food is medicine” saying comes from. Because it IS! While generally all whole foods are wonderful, remember we are …

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Series: Part 1 – Immune System Basics

The Body’s Working Wonder: Immune System The immune system (IS), the wonderful efficient integrated network involves many types of cells, tissues, and organs. Primary lymphatic organs, bone marrow and thymus, are where immune T- and B- cells are produced and mature. Secondary lymphatic organs like lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils, and small intestine Peyer’s patches, are …

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Hello World! Welcome to my blog Soil to Soul! My name is Nicole Halverson.   I started this blog to share my interest of health, wellness goals, nutritional discoveries, and perhaps a step into herbalism. My journey into nutrition and health began in my last years of university. I was taking courses in my chosen …

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